Taroona High School is committed to providing support and the opportunity to learn for students of all ability levels. We run numerous programs which assist students achieve to their highest level. Teachers, helped by a team of teacher assistants, support students who have a range of special and additional needs.

We seek to make your child‟s progress through Taroona High School as productive and enjoyable as possible. Students are encouraged to discuss concerns or to seek assistance and advice whenever required from any of our highly trained staff. Parents are always most welcome to seek information or discuss student progress.


Special Needs Program

A Special and Additional Needs Program is provided and coordinated by the Learning Centre Manager. This teacher‟s role is to assess the students‟ needs, to monitor their progress and to assist teachers in developing and modifying appropriate learning programs and materials for students. Special needs students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of programs and other tuition and support according to individual needs. There is a strong emphasis on skills for life
and personal and social development.

Gifted and Talented Students

Taroona High School has many students who are gifted in various ways. These students are catered for through subject offerings such as Extended Maths and Extended Science, Concert Band, Sports Science, Writers Workshop and several foundation pre-tertiary subjects. Many extra-curricular extension programs are also offered within the school. Through the Centre for Extended Learning Opportunities the school offers a range of on-line extension programs that students participate in both at school and at home. The school also offers a range of programs to challenge, extend and enrich the learning program for students with special talents.