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School Association

School Association

To obtain minutes of meetings, email​


The moment your daughter/son enrols at Taroona High you automatically become a member of the Taroona High School Association.
The Association is made up of parents, school staff, students, the Principal and members of the broader community.

Our Current Aims

  • Supporting the School – Parents/Staff contributing time and energy (through sub-committees, specific tasks).
  • Fundraising, Special Events, Working Bees – eg Welcome Barbecue, Winter Arts Festival.
  • Input into Decisions and Planning – Helping to develop, review and implement, policy, values, practices and issues (eg improving communication between school and home, reviewing assessment/reporting policy).
  • Facilitating Communication – Parents and staff listening; helping to develop school website and newsletters; providing an accessible forum for parents and staff
  • Partnership Between Families and School – Providing a forum for parental input into education and the school environment.
  • Monitoring the School Budget
  • Representing Parents – Committee members and regular meeting-goers can relay a range of parent views to the school.
  • Supporting Parents – Forums on areas of interest for parents of adolescents, information on educational opportunities, connecting parents with each other.
  • Assisting the Transition between Primary and High School, and High School and post-Grade-10 options.

To find out more about the Association contact the school office and ask to see the THSA orientation folder for parents, or contact the chairperson

The Association meets every month in the Derwent Room. Some of these are short meetings with a forum of interest for Association members, other meetings are longer, with time to discuss issues. As an Association member you are welcome to attend any meeting and be part of discussions. You are also welcome to nominate as a committee member at the Annual General Meeting held in April.

To raise an issue please contact the Secretary Agenda items may also be added in person at the start of a meeting.

Minutes of meetings are sent to all who attend meetings, to committee members, to anyone who requests them and are displayed on the school website.

Meetings are usually, but not always, the third Monday of the Month. Notice is given on the calendar, in the school newsletters and the website.

The Committee

The THSA Committee manages the affairs of the Association. The committee has between 10 and 17 elected members. There must be 3-5 staff members, 6-8 parent members and the Principal. There may also be up to two student members and two community members. Student members serve a one-year term and all other members are elected for a two-year term. Each year, at an Annual General Meeting (AGM), usually held in April, the Association elects a new chairperson, deputy chair, treasurer & secretary.

To find out about current committee members, meetings, agenda items and minutes, contact the Chairperson –

Why Become Involved in the Association?

Comments from Parents:
“I get to know some of the staff and other parents”
“It gives me a chance to be involved in decisions that affect my child and family”
“It allows my kids to see that I'm interested in their school (and them)”
Comments from Teachers:
“If parents are willing to give their time, then as a teacher I want to as well, since we benefit”
“It lets us maintain open communication with parents”
“It provides another voice on issues”

Different Ways to Be Involved

Register of Occasional Helpers

Receive occasional emails prior to events such as the Winter Arts Festival. Be informed and have the option to offer specific help.